About Us

About UgS Content

UgS Content is a B2B content agency for the music industry.

Headquartered in Malta, with writers working remotely around the world, our team specializes in providing niche content writing services.


Our Team

Our team of experienced music journalists have the skillsets to help you reach a wider audience and grow your brand.

We have helped simple blogs grow into recognized digital media platforms. The prime example is Underground Sound, a media hub for underground music that we have developed over the years.


Why We Are Different

What sets us apart from other content agencies is that our writers are real, SEO-trained music journalists.

It’s our diverse team of writers that adds value to our service.

Meet the Founders

Luc Rouffaud, CEO of UgS Content

Luc Rouffaud

Co-founder of UgS Content

Luc Rouffaud is a co-founder of UgS Content with six years of experience in directing music publications, managing writers and marketing events. Luc is in charge of administration and sales.

Ian Hinksman Founder of UgS Content

Ian Hinksman

Co-founder of UgS Content

Ian Hinksman is the co-founder of UgS Content with over a decade of experience in event management, guerrilla marketing and managing content. Ian is in charge of marketing and strategic development.

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