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How we can help you

We help you cut through the digital clutter

UgS Content is a B2B content writing agency for the music industry. Our objective is to help you cut through the digital clutter. We are professional SEO writers with hands-on music industry experience providing a niche content writing service.

We help you brand as a reliable source

Our method is to provide content that helps readers make informed decisions will establish your brand as a source of information. We make sure your content is credible, educational and has the voice of authority.

We help you reach a wider audience

Helping you reach a wider audience and grow your brand with written content is our mission. Hit higher rankings with us to open the doors to new opportunities, lead generation and organic growth.

We give you unique and original content

What differentiates us from the content machines is that our writers are real, SEO-trained music journalists. While AI is a powerful tool, it should support great writing rather than be the basis of your content.


Professional SEO writers with music industry experience

UgS Content is a B2B content agency for the music industry.


Our team of experienced music journalists have the skillsets to help you reach a wider audience and grow your brand.


What sets us apart from other content agencies is that our writers are real, SEO-trained music journalists.

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Our Music Content Writing Services

UgS Content specializes in SEO music content writing services.

Articles & Blog Writing Services

We fill the gap in your writing with a global network of music journalists from diverse backgrounds.

Content Consulting & Strategy

We provide you with unique content ideas and strategic perspectives through content consulting.

Social Media Writing Services

We offer social media writing services that help grow your business on social platforms.

Underground Sound Features

Access our niche audience across various music and cultural scenes from around the world.

Press Release Writing Services

We assist record labels, venues and other organizations to communicate important updates to their audience.

Other Services

E-Commerce Content Writing– Written Interviews – Festival Reporting – Email Marketing Content

Who needs music content writing?

Music media, music PR, ticketing websites and event organizers are all competing in the content battleground.

That’s why high quality music industry content and fine tuned music PR are essential to success in the global music industry.

Here are some scenarios:

Festivals and events have tons of content to share in the lead up to and after the event. Why not turn all of that into action into marketing power?

Content marketing is a tool organizers use to capture early bird sales, expand the target audience, and increase brand awareness by putting the best parts of your event into the spotlight.

Music content writing is required for promotional material, artist spotlights, and event coverage.

Record labels need a steady stream of content to promote releases from their artists. Captivating newsletters are a key method to reaching audiences in a meaningful way. Blog writing has proven benefits for marketing campaigns.

Music industry conferences should be publishing content year round. Despite a conference taking place once a year, regular SEO content is essential. It helps in engaging an audience, increasing brand visibility, attracting attendees, and providing valuable information to participants.

With all the competition for beat and music marketplaces, every advantage counts. When content creators, artists and musicians search for music to buy, it’s important that your platform is found first.

The music industry is currently dominated by music streaming platforms. However the competition is fierce and industry players use content writing as a tool to offer a deeper, more engaging experience to their users.

We can produce content from the far corners of the globe finding the underreported perspectives of the industry. Music discovery and investigative coverage is in our DNA.

Event ticket websites require content to effectively communicate information, engage potential attendees, and create a seamless user experience.

Music venues require content to effectively promote events, engage their audience, and create a vibrant online presence.

Brands in the music industry, such as instrument manufacturers, equipment retailers, and music software companies need yearly content plans. It is necessary for the promotion of their new products, client engagement and a statement of industry authority.

Music media and publications require a constant flow of content to fulfill their role as sources of information, entertainment, and insight within the music industry. Examples of this are editorial content, artist interviews, reviews, news, and longform articles.

Public relations firms specializing in the music industry require music content writing
to effectively promote artists, albums, events, and brands that they represent. Our Content plays a crucial role in establishing a positive image, generating buzz, and engaging target audiences.

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Our Clients’ Feedback

We have seen significant growth in followers and engagement since they took over

We have been working alongside UgS Content throughout 2023 for our monthly events, and we will continue to do so in 2024.

They continually help us with strategy and create our written content for all of our social media channels, and we have seen significant growth in followers and engagement since they took over.

Ramzi A, event organizer
Ramzi A
Event Organizer

I look forward to working with the outlet in future!

I linked up with Underground Sound as part of a collaboration with UK hip hop platform UKHH and was instantly struck by the team’s vision.

UgS’ scope is ambitious but it’s detail is meticulous, covering an impressive range of genres, regions and styles.

During our first conversation, co-founder Ian went toe-to-toe with me on knowledge spanning Japanese Grime, UK hip hop and the history of freestyle battling. I look forward to working with the outlet in future!

Solomon P
Solomon P
Co-Founder of Music Platform UKHH

They nailed it!

They nailed it when they wrote content to promote our urban music festival. Their words not only captured the essence of our event but also had our audience buzzing, helping us achieve record attendance numbers.

Tigullio logo
Danka V
Club Manager, Tigullio

Frequently Asked Questions

What is SEO, and why is it important for the music industry?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, and it’s crucial for the music industry because it helps musicians and music-related businesses improve their online visibility.

With SEO, you can rank higher on search engines like Google, making it easier for fans to discover your music, business and services.

What types of content do you create for the music industry?

We write articles, blog posts, social media posts, press releases, feature articles on key music industry websites, e-commerce content, interviews, festival reports and email marketing content.

How can your content agency help music businesses?

UgS Content specializes in creating SEO-optimized text targeting keywords relevant to the music industry. The goal is to boost your business’ online presence and connect you with your target audience in a way that leads to more conversions.

How can you help music venues and event promoters in the music industry?

We help music venues and event promoters by brainstorming content strategies that make venues and event promotions stand out from the crowd. This can be done through blog writing, SEO optimization, social media management, content consulting and email marketing.

How do you determine the right keywords for our music-related content?

We conduct thorough keyword research based on your niche, target audience, and goals. We identify low competition, high-volume and relevant keywords that can drive traffic to your content. Our writers ensure that keywords seamlessly integrate into your content for better search engine rankings.

How long does it typically take to see results from optimized content?

Content writing and SEO are long-term strategies, and results can vary based on factors like competition and the current ranking of your website. You can generally expect to see noticeable improvements in ranking, engagement and website visits in 3-6 months, with more substantial gains over time.

Do you rely solely on AI for content creation, or do you have professional writers with music industry experience on your team?

While we leverage AI as a valuable tool to enhance our SEO content strategies, we place a strong emphasis on the expertise of our professional writers who have significant experience in the music industry.

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